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  • Crowfall Teaser (2)
  • His Elvish tongue was silken, and while my language was clearly foreign to him, he infused it with an almost musical quality. “There is a vine in the deepwood,” he said, &ldquo...
  • Crowfall Releases a Series of Teasers
  • Since May 18, crofall has released a series of teasers. Lets have a quick look! STICKS AND STONES SUPER STABBY CHILDREN OF THE SUN Hope you will come to our website www.crowfallah....
  • Crowfall Archetype: the Frostweaver
  • Crowfall is kicking off our “Massive Reveal” Teaser Week with some double scoop goodness about one of their favorite archetypes, the Frostweaver: a new concept piece and a new bit ...
  • Crowfall Assassin’s Powers Bar
  • Let’s look at the Assassin’s powers bar in detail. The first power in the tray is one of the positional attacks and the bread and butter of any rogue type character, Backstab. Th...
  • Crowfall Stealth Mode
  • Stealth mode, as with the Duelist, is a way of turning your character invisible to other players. Currently, all players have the ability to potentially detect stealth characters, but eventually this ...
  • Crowfall: Architecture and Geomancy
  • GEOMANCY The basic idea for geomancy is for the player to use precious stone, wood, and ore (in other words: no cobblestone, knotwood or slag) to create simple 1x1 land parcels that can then be comb...
  • Crowfall Bestiary: Hellcat
  • As the skies rumbled, the ground began to quake. The cub she called Regulara clamored up the riverbank toward Mother, seeking comfort and reassurance. Atop the hillside, a shimmering blackness rose ...
  • Crowfall Assassin Powers
  • ASSASSIN MUSINGS The vision for the Assassin is pretty simple and is pretty much an MMO staple at this point: A stealthy, quick-attacking, stabby-stab type that utilizes poisons and has positional-b...
  • Have a Look at the Crowfall Assassin
  • Yesterday crowfall gave an introduction to their next archetype-- Fae Assassin. Crowfall has always intended for the Assassin to be our canonical rogue style character with stealth, fast attack anim...
  • Crowfall Feb 10 Playtest Cancelled
  • Recently crowfall released a notice about the playtest: We tested the current build internally this morning and were not satisfied with its quality. As a result, we’ve made the decision to...
  • Crowfall Valentine
  • Show some love to your fellow Crows, the dev team and the world by creating a Crowfall-themed Valentine e-card! Finished pieces should be 1200 pixels x 800 pixels (4" x 6"), 300 dpi, in jp...
  • Meet The New Crowfall Knight
  • Single Resource In the early days of Crowfall, during my spare time, I prototyped a secret version of the Knight I called the “Stamina Knight.” This was a Knight who didn&rsq...
  • Crowfall Grave Digging
  • Grave digging is very important as it generates the resources required for our newest crafting profession, Necromancy. Crowfall has split the functionality of a graveyard into two different points-o...
  • Crowfall Funding Update
  • Crowfall hit another stretch goal on our equity crowdfunding investment campaign. That means that investors will now receive: a Bloodwine Fountain relica Villa personal housea Fallen Colossus parcel...
  • Crowfall is Doing Resource Harvesting
  • Tool Changes Eliminating the tiers on the harvest nodes also enabled us to eliminate the tiers on the tools as well. (To be honest, a gold pick wasn’t that much more interesting than a cop...
  • Murder of Crows: Gordon Walton, Part 3
  • The conclusion of ArtCraft co-founder Gordon Walton’s three-part Murder of Crows (watch Part 1 and Part 2 if you missed them), begins at the point where Gordon had begun working at Origin. ...
  • Crowfall Personal Housing Deeds
  • In crowfalls Kickstarter campaign, they included a series of Personal Housing Deeds as rewards for various pledge packages. This includes: The Cottage,The Villa, andThe Manor In their Founder&...
  • Crowfall ACE Q&A for January
  • Creative Director J. Todd Colemans surprise guest star dropped a spoiler for Highlander 4 (2000) at 8:34 yesterday. Skip over that if needed, but watch the rest of the video to learn the answers to th...
  • First Look at Crowfall Templar Powers & UI
  • Lets have a look at Templar Powers. Templar Musings Note that although I refer to the Templar as a “her” throughout, this is a human archetype, which means there that there wil...

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