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Crowfall Assassin’s Powers Bar

Let’s look at the Assassin’s powers bar in detail.
The first power in the tray is one of the positional attacks and the bread and butter of any rogue type character, Backstab. This attack deals bonus damage if the Assassin is located behind the target. This attack also generates two pips.
The next power is Kidney Shot. This attack deals damage and stuns the target. The amount of damage and duration of the stun is based on the number of pips used.
Infect is the third tray power and is the tray power that has a direct interaction with the current poison applied on the target (whichever poison the Assassin has equipped as their passive). This does mean it is generally not advisable to use this power against a target who has no poison active on them.
Poison type/Poison already on target – AoE poison damage explosion
Disease type/Poison already on target – Healing absorb bubble applied to target
Nature type/Poison already on target – Snares target, deals bonus damage
This power also increases the proc chance rate of the current poison passive the Assassin has equipped.
The next power in the tray is Curse Weapon. This power overloads all damage dealt by the Assassin to disease-type damage. The duration of this buff is based on the amount of pips spent when activating it.
Disengage enables the Assassin to create some space with their current target. It is very similar to the Ranger power of the same name. This power generates one pip, and if followed up with a forward Dash attack, it will grant the Assassin a damage buff for a few seconds. This power is a key part of the Assassin’s arsenal; the character is light on defense and makes up for it in mobility.
The next power in the tray, Dagger Storm is a point blank AoE-style attack to all nearby enemies.
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