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Crowfall Teaser (2)

His Elvish tongue was silken, and while my language was clearly foreign to him, he infused it with an almost musical quality. “There is a vine in the deepwood,” he said, “which my people call iriolis. It roughly translates to ‘the creeping fingers’. This vine grows everywhere: over the land, up the trees, under the water – even up the face of stone. The problem is that it grows too well. The fingers are greedy; they drain the soil, taint the water and leave no sunlight for others. This is why we rip it up from the roots, for to let iriolis live is to let the forest die.”
“I do not understand,” I replied. “I thought iriolis was the Elven word for Humans.”
“Indeed,” he said, drawing the silver scimitar from the scabbard at his waist.
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